Easy end-to-end security that accelerates time-to-market for IoT


High-security IoT just got commercial

Crypto Quantique uses the latest standards in cryptography and quantum tunnelling to deliver scalable, automated, easy-to-integrate security solutions to the Internet of Things, from chip design to app deployment.

Our plug-and-play Q:Architecture™ brings the safest approach to security design. It comprises QDID™, quantum-driven, hardware root-of-trust IP, and QuarkLink™, a universal platform for fast and secure provisioning, onboarding, and monitoring of IoT networks. QuarkLink also works with other roots-of-trust.

Effortless, unbeatable security for faster time to market is finally here.


The IoT challenge

No more compromise between scale and security

Our hardware and software solutions solve the IoT industry's trade-off between having either security and scalability. Now you can have both.


Faster time-to-market and embedding the highest security at every level of IoT is made easier – with no compromise on cost, effort or quality.


Securing the connected world with zero-trust

Our mission is to ensure seamless end-to-end security for IoT by providing an unforgeable hardware root of trust and full lifecycle security management over the cloud. 


We're building a world where advanced cryptography and quantum physics combine to deliver unforgeable device identities and unbeatable security management, unlocking growth and new opportunities for IoT.