What is QuarkLink?

QuarkLink is our universal IoT security platform that uses advanced cryptographic techniques to integrate with a hardware root of trust to provide provisioning, onboarding and monitoring for easy scalability and reliable security.

Other IoT software platforms for device management and security are incomplete:

  • It takes substantial effort to integrate them with a given hardware root of trust

  • Most security workarounds are complex and hold back scalability

  • Third-party visibility of keys and data in software weakens security

  • Few platforms offer provisioning, onboarding and monitoring in a single solution

QuarkLink works with hardware devices protected by alternate roots of trust for high security. But connecting with QDID provides the safest, unbeatable end-to-end security.


The key functions of scalable IoT

As a flexible zero-touch software solution, QuarkLink brings together these advantages to your IoT network:


  • Secure provisioning – secure firmware and cryptographic keys, eliminating reliance on HSMs and key injection

  • Automated secure onboarding – to any and many platforms at once (including AWS, Azure, Mosquito, and more to come)

  • Security monitoring – firmware encryption, signing and securing updates, and key lifecycle management including renewal and revocation


QuarkLink enables zero-touch, fully secure communication between device and end-user, managing end-to-end security for all stakeholders in the IoT device lifecycle.


IoT security by design with advanced cryptography

At the point of manufacture, most IoT devices receive a certificate and share a symmetric key that requires an HSM (Hardware Security Module) to generate. HSMs add cost and risks – keys created externally can be stolen.


QuarkLink bypasses the need for HSMs since multiple cryptographic keys are instead derived from the silicon-based fingerprint of a QDID.


QuarkLink provides the unified interface to manage cryptographic key generation and authentication, and bring flexible security management to everyone in the value chain of an IoT device, from manufacturer and OEM to systems integrator and end-user. QuarkLink brings the ease-of-use of software to hardware security.