Security is not an OR function – it's an AND function. You need hardware and software in the supply chain or your security system will fail.


That's why Q:Architecture brings the fastest, easiest path to scalable IoT deployment with the most comprehensive, secure approach. Q:Architecture comprises two innovations, one hardware based and one founded in software, that can integrate with your IoT network.


The world's first silicon-based, quantum-driven chip design for hardware root of trust. QDID delivers on-demand, high-entropy, unforgeable cryptographic keys from silicon for unique identification of IoT devices.


Our zero-touch, zero-trust universal IoT security platform handles all-in-one provisioning (firmware security and cryptographic keys), automated secure onboarding and monitoring (firmware encryption and over-the-air updates, certification and key management).


Market advantages of Q:Architecture

Q:Architecture delivers four functional advantages to provide the highest standard of security and realise your IoT's potential.


  • Zero-touch assurance – Delivering full automation for the assignment of unique chip identities, certification management, device provisioning and management, firmware updates and de-provisioning. No manual steps required.


  • Ready-to-go security – A fast, practical road to security, whether starting with hardware, software or both. Accelerate your time to market with easy, impenetrable protection.


  • Extensible security – QuarkLink works with any root of trust, device type and identity scheme for easy and effective integration. Migration of hardware to QDID is possible for a flexible approach to security.


  • Total security – Futureproof, unforgeable end-to-end security from silicon to cloud.