Manufacturing is the biggest investment for IoT. Sensors, devices, instruments and a suite of technologies rely on a stable IoT network to drive further innovation. Smart manufacturing now relies less on closed networks and more on cloud-based solutions for remote management. End-to-end security helps supply chains and innovators safely communicate and share information that brings breakthroughs to the industrial sector.



The IoT networks of the automotive industry require secure devices for fleet management, stable connectivity of cellular vehicle to everything (CV2X) software, and even for in-car entertainment and autonomous vehicles.


Automotive production is often fragmented across different sites where components are created and pieced together. End-to-end security gives creators and consumers safety and reliability for a better end-product, and guarantees the integrity of supply-chains.



Frequent cyber attacks on public health systems and vaccine centres during the Covid era prove the urgency for unbeatable cybersecurity. Healthcare needs the highest end-to-end security and scalability possible to protect sensitive medical data shared with professionals and accelerate the progress of medical science to deliver the highest standard of care to those who need it fast.


Home and consumer

Billions of connected devices are furnishing people's private lives, from smart home appliances to wearable technology. Discerning consumers are waking up to the imperative of having the highest security for their personal data. Manufacturers must curb the counterfeiting of products and  components, ruining reputation and their bottom line. 


Investing in cost-effective quantum-based cybersecurity solutions communicates to customers that your brand cares about your data protection – and their product integrity.

Communications and networks

Industries that relay sensitive information and handle unfathomable amounts of private data are at the mercy of hackers. The bigger and more complex the network, the more likely a weak link in the security chain can emerge. End-to-end security is imperative to removing the opportunity for cyberattacks to wreak havoc over data and network connections. With our approach, not even a quantum computer can break in.